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The 2022 game of the year is here and it’s on Gamepass……

Romier S

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I have this one downloaded but haven’t started it yet. That’s partly do to the fact that I’m still working my way through the Spyro trilogy, and partly because I don’t want to lose my job and family.


At least not yet.

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I told you all....





PowerWash Simulator racked up over 50,000 tracked TA players in its first week after joining the Xbox Game Pass library, which is more than first-party heavy hitters like Psychonauts 2, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Battletoads, and only a few hundred players shy of beating Gears 4, too. Guess you could call that a pretty clean launch, huh?

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Over the holidays, I’ve played a shit ton of PowerWash Simulator. I just rolled credits on it Friday night and figured I’d share some thoughts.


I started playing this a few days before Christmas. I had some time off work between Christmas and New Year and was looking for something that was low-key, easy to pick up, and could be played in front of my kids (who would be home with me during the duration of my time off). So I started playing PowerWash Simulator one afternoon and was instantly hooked. It’s just such a simple concept, well executed, that it’s hard to overstate how addicting it actually is.


The main attraction here is Career Mode, which serves as the main campaign. Your character — simply referred to as “Dirtfinder” — is starting up his or her own power wash service and is hired by the townsfolk of Muckingham to clean various vehicles, places, and objects. There are over 40  jobs to complete in all, including four bonus levels (which can be played at any time). Some jobs can be completed relatively quickly, while some of the bigger ones can literally take hours to finish—even with the most powerful washer in the game. Be warned: this is not a short breezy title. After completing the campaign and bonus levels, I clocked in at over 33 hours of play time.


Each washer comes equipped with a variety of nozzles, which can be instantly swapped at any time. The nozzles offer varying degrees of spread and power. For instance, the 0º nozzle shoots a powerful stream of water that can instantly remove almost any dirt or grime. However, it has no spread and can only clean a very small area at a given time. This makes it a poor choice for large surfaces.. The 40º nozzle, in contrast, has a wide spread but very little power, making it a poor choice for removing tougher stains. I found that either the 15º or 25º nozzles work best in most situations, giving you a good mix of spread and power. You can also purchase a special nozzle that dispenses soap and a 0º nozzle that spins in a small circle, allowing for a slightly larger spread. 


What makes the game challenging is trying to find and remove every last speck of dirt in order to complete each job. While some surfaces are easy to clean, such as the side of a house, others require more effort to locate — think thinks the gutters, in between the spokes of a hub cap, or other various nooks and crannies.


Fortunately, the game offers a couple ways to see what is dirty and where the dirt can be found. First, you can highlight dirt at any time by simply pressing right on the D-pad. This will make all the dirt flash bright yellow for a moment, giving you an idea of where an object might still need to be cleaned. This is especially useful for large surfaces, where a few missed spots might be all that stands between you and a completed job. Second, each job includes a list of all the elements that need to be cleaned. You can see the status of each element that needs to be cleaned and even select it so that it flashes white, making it easier to locate.


Still, it can be difficult to fully clean some objects. At times the game can be very forgiving, registering some elements as 100% clean even with large patches of dirt remaining, while at the same time, being very picky about other surfaces and requiring you to clean every last speck of dirt on it before it considers it clean. There’s nothing more frustrating in this game than having an object that is 99% clean and having no idea where the remaining dirt is.


If I have one complaint, it’s that the water doesn’t behave realistically when you spray it out of your nozzle. It doesn’t collect in pools on the ground, nor does it drip off objects that have been sprayed. It doesn’t even fall to the ground if you spray into a wide open space. Instead it just evaporates instantly along with any dirt it may have washed away. I suppose it is too much to ask for a low-budget indie game to incorporate realistic fluid simulations in a game with the hardware available today. I certainly don’t hold that against FutureLab and this game. However, it does make me wish that this sort of thing was possible.


As to exactly why I enjoyed this game so much, it comes down to two things. First, I can be a bit of a neat freak, so playing a game where you get to clean things is inherently satisfying. Maybe I can’t get my own home to be as spotless as I would like, but I can at least do it in this game. Second, it’s nice to play something where the objective isn’t to kill or destroy. Instead, you’re restoring things to their former glory, and in the process, bringing some beauty back into the world. I like that.


I highly recommend PowerWash Simulator to anyone interested. Just know that you might not come back for a while once you get going.

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11 hours ago, JFo said:

I triple dog dare you to start playing this game and put it down.

Done.  I tried it out to see what all the hype was about.  Played the first level, realized that I could just go power wash my actual deck instead of the one in the game, or just go clean something else.  I get that power washing is satisfying, but this got a little too close to the Yard Work Simulator for me.  Also, slightly frustrating with the "there's one small bit of crud left on this one chair and it won't count as done until I get it":




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