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Crimson Sea 2


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From consolegold.com:

Get ready for more Crimson Sea action, Koei has announced Crimson Sea 2! Check out some of the new features:


In addition to the main single player game, CRIMSON SEA 2 now includes 3 two-player modes. Players can work together to bring down an enemy and clear a stage in "Co-op" mode, battle head-to-head "death match" style in "Versus" mode, or try to outscore their human opponent in "Competition" mode.


With non-linear game progression and over 60 different missions, players can choose from among several missions created for each stage. Players may be asked to penetrate an enemy stronghold and gather intelligence, or rescue a stranded dignitary. Even after declining a mission, the player can still develop a character's attributes and weapons while exploring a stage. This allows the player to later accept a mission that was previously too difficult to complete.


Along with a variety of new weapons and effects, CRIMSON SEA 2 also features a series of enhanced Neo-Psionic attacks- deadly energy waves that change the tide of battle in a single move. By combining various weapons and Neo-Psionic techniques, a player can attack hundreds of enemies in a minute and achieve a thousand hit combos.

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