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car racing; your opinion


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Hey! I know all ya'll are playing PGR2 right now, but I have this hankering for a car racing game (been playing a lot of GTA3) that's more in-city. I had rented Midnight Club 2 awhile back, and I kinda liked it.


I know that Sega GT Online is coming out, but it looks more like some city racing, and other. And that Midtown Madness(?) was in-city, but I thought it only had a couple maps.


Just wondering if you have any opinions on Midnight...Thanks!

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Midtown Madness 3 only has 2 "maps" in the sense that it all takes place in only 2 cities, but across those there are like 50-odd "mission" races, and 20 each of Blitz (timed runs) and Checkpoint races, plus there are 10 new Blitzes (or was it checkpoints) as DLC on Live. Its much like the way that there are really only 4 cities in Project Gotham, but by laying down checkpoints in different ways they create different tracks, only MM3 is less restrictive (you can go offroad, or choose your route between points).


I was massively underwhelmed with Midnight Club 2, to be honest - too bland.

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PGR2 has a few cars from each class (I think it is about 30 out of 102 total cars from 14 classes) unlocked from the very beginning. I had MC2 for a while, and if I remember correctly, you start off with your very basic cars and unlock better ones as you go, depending on which races you choose. In PGR2, you get kudos for driving/winning, and get kudo tokens after accumulating enough kudos, and with those tokens you can pick and choose which cars you want to 'buy', so it's not as set in stone which cars you get.


I personally like PGR2 better (I sold MC2 after deciding I was never going to play it), mainly because it's not all street races (it has time challenges, style challenges, etc), it has a wide range of difficulty levels, and officially licensed cars to give a few reasons. Custom soundtracks (which MC2 doesn't have) is a major plus to me as well.

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Originally posted by graph@Jan 15 2004, 01:59 PM

Hm, Kain, pretty good argument. I just want a game that will have enough street racing for me (refer to my original, about GTA3)...

Never played GTA3 so I can't really compare the two :) (didn't even know there was racing per say in Grand Theft Auto to be honest) but there are a lot of races (along with other challenges) in PGR2. Still, like you are said you are thinking about, give 'em both a rent and see what you think. :)

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