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Favorite Gaming Platform


What is your current favorite gaming platform?  

  1. 1. What is your current favorite gaming platform?

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BTW, if I wanted this to be a "my console is bigger than yours" thread, I would have titled it "Which is the best platform?" I'm not really looking for people to provide their reasons why they think one platform is better. Rather, I just want to get an idea of where most people here slant. Next I'll post a democrat / republican, pro-life/pro-choice, and death penalty poll : )


Keep in clean.

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I think the the post count for each individual forum tell exactly where the forum slants. ;)


One of the reasons I'm looking forward to the site going up is to get a more diversified group. Mind you I don't mean that as an insult to you guys as you are the cream of the crop but this is a very Xbox Live centric group and I look forward to adding more members that have different preferences. Get some more viewpoints and different ideas during our discussions.

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Guess ;).


I don't mod the forum just so I can talk to Cameron :P.


Wouldn't trade it for anything. Most games I've bought for any system when they were actually "new" and not bargain bin, like the PSOne, and I'm slowly coming up on my PSOne library. My bank account would prefer this was not so, but I yam what I yam...

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My favorite is the Xbox, for three reasons:


1. Online play (yes I know the others have it as well but with them you've got to buy stuff first)


2. Ripped music. I can't tell you how much I enjoy having a mini jukebox integrated into my HT so I can listen to my own playlists while I workout, and to also bring them into some games.


3. The controller. The Xbox controller S is my favorite of the three. It feels the most comfortable, and the arrangement of the controls works fine for me.


(which gives me an idea for another poll)....




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Xbox for me, for many of the previously mentioned reasons... well-done (usually) online play, hard disk, soundtrack features, the controller (time to go vote in that other poll now :) ). Love some of the exclusive games too (though that goes for PS2 and the Cube as well). Love them all, but the Xbox just a little more than the others :D

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