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Immortality - Yes, it's a FMV game. Yes, it's a unique experience. Yes, you should experience it.


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Immortality got mentioned in the Game Pass thread, but it absolutely deserves its own thread. 

An actress makes three films over 30+ years, but none of the films get released for various reasons. You're a film expert digging into the original reels of all three films, piecing together plots, scenes, moments between all 3 movies... You see a clip, you zoom into something in it that feels important, zoom out to a different clip, repeat.

If that was all that was going on,  I wouldn't be making this thread. There's a really strong story + experience putting these three films together - you're scrubbing back + forth, clicking on random things that jump to other clips, repeatedly, scrubbing back + forth more, and then things start to happen... 

What happened to Marissa? Why did none of these films get released? Why did she disappear from Hollywood? 


This is a crazy cool, auteur driven experience. Every scene has intention, meaning, fitting.

Best horror game I've played in years. 



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