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Where do you play your gameboy?


Where do you most often play your handheld?  

  1. 1. Where do you most often play your handheld?

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Originally posted by blackcalx@Jan 13 2004, 11:26 PM

For me "portable gaming" means "on the pot". Unless I take a trip somewhere that is the only time my GBA gets used.

Date: 1/19/2004

From: Carlucci

To: Carlucci

Subject: Trading Gameboy Games with BlackCalx or Hank


Don't Do It!





Cashier: "I'm sorry, we can't accept a return on this game. It's been flagged!"




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I do ALL my GBA playing at work. Except with Final Fantasy Tactics. That game had me playing at home too (whatsup with THAT?). Its nice to go in with a game and spend the lazy hours (first four or so) engrossed in a Castlevania game or getting some twitch action with Wario Ware. I even completed the first GBA Spyro there, even though the game sucked. Badly. But I was pissed because I bought it so....


Can't play GBA on car or on a plane, it makes me ill, and I'm too nervous in the doctor's office to do it there...

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I'm with black on this one. In the can man. My wife has to knock on the door and yell at me to get out cause I get so enthralled in playing. "The act" only takes about 10 minutes. The playtime after is at least an hour or so. :shock: Hell most of the GBA Castlevania games would not be beaten if it wasn't for good 'ole #2.

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