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Some HD shots


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Cool Pix, I like that you can spot the unmarked cop car crossing in the background of the Rice a Roni pic.


Speaking of HD Broadcasts, Has anyone watched the NFL network??? I thought this channel would probably be an endless loop of those half hour NFL film segments they run on ESPN2 every afternoon, and I figured I might never even watch the channel. Boy was I wrong!! This channel is awesome so far. On Tuesday night I watched a couple of hour long shows each highlighting a single Patriots game during the regular season. First off the Broadcast was the most beautiful I've ever seen on my television. Although the shows were in HD I do not have an HD TV, or even a progressive scan for that matter. I only have a high quality Sony Wega standard def. TV, but still the broadcast the best quality I've seen. Even the highest quality DVD's and HBO broadcasts I've seen have not held up those NFL shows. Please, someone with an HDTV take a few minutes with this network and let me know what ya think.


This channel is more than just eye candy though. They have a few aspects to tweak, but overall the content has also been superb. The two shows I mentioned broke down the games in great depth, but never got bogged down. They were supported with great voice-overs from their commentators, and backed up with the original radio broadcast of both teams. And in addition to the normal camera angles they include a bunch of 'coaches' footage that the fans don't typically see, and much of it is used to break down plays much like they do on ESPN's Match-up show. Overall it is a very solid and entertaining show for fans of football, ...and to those who just want to have more eye candy to show off their expensive televisions.

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On Tuesday night I watched a couple of hour long shows each highlighting a single Patriots game during the regular season.


Well, there's a waste of two hours... ;)


I'd love to get the NFL Network. No dice on TWC-KC at this time, though... We're still lobbying for ESPN-HD.


They got any good Bengals programming? :lol:

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Originally posted by Carlucci@Jan 14 2004, 06:32 AM

Very Nice! Out of curiosity, with an image that large, how far away from the screen do you sit? What are the room dimensions, etc?



Heh, let me start off by saying that I have no business having the set-up that I have in the place that I live! Although, come to think of it, my 27" Wega takes up a lot more room than the projector.


My apartment is really small, in fact it's a studio. The "HT" room is also my bedroom, music studio, and living room...


I'm actually not sure of the dimensions, but I sit on the opposite side of the room, which I would estimate is ~15' from the screen.


I'm not totally sure how big the image is in widescreen, in 4:3 it's 80" diagonal. I just guessed that it's 70"

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Originally posted by Bruce B@Jan 14 2004, 05:06 AM

Damn that beach scene looks so inviting.

-20 degrees this morning when I woke up!

Until you realize that the water at Northern California beaches is cold, hypothermia can set in after less than 20 minutes of being in the water! Beautiful but deadly :shock:

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