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A bunch of games for sale (NES/SNES/N64/GB/GBA)


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Hey everyone, I've decided to start selling off my retro games that don't get used anymore.  There's a spreadsheet on google docs here that lists what I have, as well as an estimate from pricecharting.com, but I'm open to reasonable offers-I'm not sure how close to reality that is.  I've started testing games and taking pictures and posting them here, but everything worked the last time I plugged it into a console, and these games have been sitting on a shelf since then.  If there's something specific you want to know more about, ask, and I can take more pictures.  


Going to try to get everything photographed this weekend before offering things wider.  Thought I'd post here early first though in case anyone wanted to grab anything.

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So I just sold all of this locally:


Responded to a couple of those Kijiji ads saying "we buy old video games" and gave them the listing/pictures for the lot.  I ended up going about 30% under my estimates, which is what I expected going for a bundle, but this saved me ebay fees, shipping, and a bunch of hassle.  Plus, it meant moving everything, instead of getting rid of the high value stuff, and being stuck with things that wouldn't move.  I probably could have done better if I'd held off, but I wasn't really interested in spending the time to become a retro game dealer.  Guy who bought the collection said he'd never seen that big a collection of boxed stuff before, which makes me think he hasn't been doing this long.  It can't be THAT unusual to find someone who just hung onto everything they bought, can't it?


Anyway, happy to cash out.  This stuff was getting way too valuable to just sit on a shelf collecting dust, and I have this sneaking feeling that the number of people who are interested in paying $250 for a CIB copy of Mega Man 3 for Game Boy is going to dry up soon :)





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I think Nintendo games CIB might be a little more rare than you think. I have very few and the few I do have aren’t in very good condition. The majority of people didn’t hang onto them, and even for those that may have tried, chances are something may have happened to them through the years. I tried to hang onto my SNES and N64 boxes, but I think I either decided they were just taking up room, or they were being stored at my parent’s house and they threw them out when they moved. 

What you’ve got there is pretty impressive IMO. 

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Given that I sold off all the games, I decided to move all the associated hardware too.  Not nearly as valuable, although the gameboys had boxes, even if one of them was torn.  Neither of the SNESes were 100% though (one shell was badly busted, and one had a bad controller port), and the psx has a busted optical drive.  Surprised that the power glove was worth as much as it charted at too, but I still had the sensors, so technically it's usable (or as usable as that thing ever was).  Nothing ultra rare, but still got more than I expected for it.  If nothing else, there's enough that you can piece together with things like RF switches and working controllers.  Ended up hanging onto the original DS (still need to find the Metroid demo cart that goes with it) and the GBA (I had the box, but not sure where the actual console is), but the rest of that stuff is gone (2x NES, 2x SNES, 3xN64, 1xpsx, and a bunch of controllers and hookups). 


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