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Moving North


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A progress update: 


The move prep is coming along nicely. Movers, utilities, etc are pretty easy these days and was all arranged in a few days without much fuss. BT tried to charge me an early termination fee but they actually can’t if they don’t offer the same class of service. They don’t - so, I contested the fee and provided the link to the page confirming there shouldn’t be a fee when moving house. The agent then “spoke with their manager” and waived the fee. I think sometimes my accent means that these things pop up when they may not for brits (who knows). 

Other than that, we are packing and will be doing a few trips up and back before the actual move (end of November) to get some initial stuff setup but, nothing too complicated. 

Id say so far things have been smoother than I expected as far as moving services, prep, utilities and everything so that’s cool - we’ve been pretty lucky with the timing of the move too. Looking forward to the move - not too much longer now 😊

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I can confirm that it’s not you, it’s just that BT are awful and will try that rubbish on with everyone. 

Congratulations on the move - glad you’ve not been stung by the interest rate shenanigans that have already wrecked my parents’ sale once this month. They’re headed even further north, to the Outer Hebrides. 

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