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Sony reports killer sales

Romier S

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Reported by Gamespot:






In a statement released in Japan shortly after midnight San Francisco time, the consumer electronics giant reported it had reached the milestone of having shipped 70 million PS2 units into the retail channel worldwide. Shortly after that news crossed the wires, SCEA chimed in with its own set of sales figures, specifically, that it had sold roughly 3 million PS2 units during the peak holiday sales season of November and December, 2003, in North America.



Speaking with SCEA executive vice president Andrew House shortly before the figures were announced, House told GameSpot that about 31 percent of those sales were driven by sales of the PlayStation 2 Combo Pack (the $199 bundle that includes the console, network adaptor, and ATV Offroad Fury 2). House called that fact a ?key data point? for SCEA. House said, ?It underlies the whole idea that there was a lot pressure on pricing.?


House added, ?It certainly has bumped up our presence in terms of connected PlayStations and the online PS2 market very, very considerably.? House said there are now 2.4 million connected consoles in the marketplace. ?I think we?ve gone from a slow starting point, vis-a-vis the competition, to pretty nearly overtaking them in an area that is supposedly one of their core strengths.?


The PS2 just keeps on trucking. Monstrous success for Sony and sales of thier network adapter are helping to bring online gaming close to being even more of a mainstream success.

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