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Hades II from Supergiant Announced at the Game Awards

Romier S

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Really looking forward to more Hades, and honestly how this is going to make narrative sense given how the first game wrapped up.  These are all the other gods that didn't get invited to the party?  Gameplay-wise, I hope it doesn't re-tread a bunch of the same ground.  Rogue Legacy 2 came long enough after the first that you could repeat some of the classes/weapons, but with Hades, it still seems recent enough that repeating things too much would just be more of the same.  This is supergiant though, so I'd bet that a lot of this is just "we had a whole bunch of ideas for Hades that we couldn't fit into the first game, so it became a sequel".  Not sure if I'll do the early access thing with it or not-see when it releases and whether it runs on the Steam Deck :)

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