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Hi-Fi Rush hitting GamePass today! (from Tango Gameworks/Bethesda)

Romier S

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I think the most surprising part of this game is that when you see this type of shadow drop, your mind immediately goes to a quickly made "budget" title. The game did launch with a budget price but there's absolutely nothing about this that's "budget". Action games with this level of polish are not easy to make and don't just exist in droves out there. Much less a game that layers music/rhythm on top of the action, has this level of voice acting and visuals. This took time and an experienced team to make and kudos to Bethesda/Microsoft/Tango for keeping it a complete secret!


This is a Capcom action game circa early 2001-2003 (which isn't shocking considering Mikami and the staff at Tango) and to me, this is exactly where Xbox needs to play. I want the Ori Microsoft. The Cuphead Microsoft. The Hi-Fi Rush Microsoft. These games are infinitely more interesting to me than the next Halo, Gears, or Forza. 


Sorry, I know I'm gushing here but I cannot contain my love for this game.:)

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I'm getting ready to start the last level. The boss fight with


Mimosa, the marketing boss

was special.:) I'll just let you guys experience that fun!


I should have it this one in the books tomorrow night in time for Dead Space Remake to hit. It will be my first of several playthroughs. There are two higher difficulties levels above hard that are calling my name. I've got about 10 hours into this and given the length of the previous levels, I would say 12 hours is the average time to completion. I'll verify that once I've finished the game tomorrow.


My opinion has not changed. It's absolutely an early game of the year candidate for me.


@dogbertthere's a


Twin Peaks

reference that made me laugh in the middle of the game. It's out of nowhere and so well handled. I also love the cameos by the hard boiled detective robots that are obviously Sebastian and Joseph from the first Evil Within game. 

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My god. 

The music that plays during (last stage spoilers)


Chai's moment of focus and emotional realization that he doesn't need the guitar

is /amazing/. Such a wonderfully earned moment and they saved the best original music track for it.


How does each level top the last!? Almost done.

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All done. What more can I say? It’s January. 2023 has only just begun and we have a year of extremely strong games to come so anything I say will sound extraordinarily hyperbolic but Microsoft/Bethesda has thrown down the opening gauntlet this year and it’s one helluva gauntlet. Returnal released in April and I called it an early game of the year contender and it ended up being my GOTY 2021. I will say the same thing for Hi-Fi Rush here. The rest of this years game slate has an extremely high mountain to climb to knock this one off. 

RUN, don’t walk to download and play this. It has my highest recommendation possible. 

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