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20 years of LCVG!

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5 hours ago, JoeyN said:


I'm not sure it's worth this much effort to publicly shame Camp and Dogbert for never updating their avatars.

(100% kidding, it's actually an impressive run)

I cannot believe it's been 20 years. Holy F


edit: I just realized that screenshot is probably new, so not the avatars from 20 years ago. But I think Dogbert’s has never changed. Not sure about Camp’s

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1 minute ago, JoeyN said:

Yeah forget that social media shit. We were using Aim and ICQ still 


That's right; I remember an old-timey app that combined all the messenging services into one. What was it called? It was during the XP days ...


TRILLIAN, that was it! Google says it's still around!

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Well, either the search function doesn’t have a complete archive, or there were about three weeks between me joining on the 11th and actually posting anything. 

Which was firstly about how the quite reasonable price of Xbox Live meant I was considering the expense of a Broadband connection (0.5Mbps! Oh, the unadulterated velocity!) and then about how NVidia’s new graphics card was gigantic and too expensive compared to the ATi. 

How times change, and yet don’t. 

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5 minutes ago, dogbert said:

He got a life 😆


I mean you're not wrong. Years ago he married, moved just outside of DC and had a few kids. I met his wife on my last visit almost a decade ago. Otherwise, I haven't heard from Scott in a very, very long time. I've seen him on Xbox Live several times and I've meant to reach out but just haven't ever gotten there.

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