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Esquire article on videogames


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This month's Esquire magazine has a nice long article about "The Order Of Light", previously featured on that MTV show called "True Life: I'm a Gamer". These guys appear to live life like it's a RSG Hunt 24 hours a day - eight guys living together, working odd shifts, but gaming going on near 24 hours a day.


The writer plays Halo with his kids, and the kids almost worship these guys after their MTV appearance, so teh writer pledges to take them to Memphis to play Halo against them.


The article's fairly level headed. It makes it clear these guys aren't harming anyone, aren't doing drugs or alcohol, aren't off raping & carjacking etc. It just makes it very clear that the group of guys appear to have a complete & utter lack of ambition to do anything.


It's an interesting read. There's a very small snipped on the Esquire website.

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