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XIII - West, Pure West!

Mark E

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Adam West is one of the hammiest actors ever. He was Batman in the 60's Batman show that defined camp. I say the cool thing tongue-in-cheek actually, as he is not terribly cool, but he really came to embrace his image as being a hambone actor the last few years and that has made him much more than a washed-up TV star.


He made a dynamite appearance on The Simpsons during the Mr. Plow episode and has been in assorted shows such as the Family Guy and so on. His over-the-top line delivery is one of his trademarks.


Seriously though, if you have never seen the 60's Batman you truly can't appreciate Adam West. It's just something... mind-blowing. He also did a very memorable episode of Batman: The Animated Series, playing an out-of-work actor who was typecast as a superhero and never worked again, it was one of the series' best episodes and quite touching.

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He was Batman in the 60's Batman show that defined camp.


I had to read that twice before I realized you weren't refering to me. ;)


OK...that's pretty much what I was thinking. I just didn't know if maybe he actually was cool for some other reason. He's laughably cool like William Shatner.

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Have you heard his cell phone ring? It's hilarious only because it's so stupid. The guy is like Gene Simmons now, he'll sell anything regardless of how idiotic he looks.


And at night he will go home and rest easy, dreaming of all that money in his bank accounts.

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