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New PS2's won't work with action replay?

Jeff W

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My brother recently picked up a new ps2, he made sure to get the new version with the little black plus on the front cover. He called me up today and said that his action replay wouldn't work, it's on a blue back disc so I figured maybe there was something wrong and it just wouldn't play blue-backs. I went over there with a few of my own and all played flawlessly but the action replay disc wouldn't boot, the message "please insert a playstation 2 format disc" kept popping up. We brought the action replay back to my PS2 and it worked fine. Maybe this has been covered before and if so I'm sorry, but this does beg the question: Has Sony built in some sort of protection against cheat devices in the new ver. systems?" I offered to swap systems with him as I don't really use cheat devices but he's not too high on swapping his 12 hour old system for my launch day one. :shock:

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Originally posted by bug@Jan 16 2004, 11:40 PM

Has Sony built in some sort of protection against cheat devices in the new ver. systems?

Apparently so. I found this online:

If you have the new Sony PS2-model number# SCPH-50001,your not compatible to play this disc! Look on the back of your console,its very simple,if your model number is #SCPH-50001,your not compatible period.
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