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Turntable Purchase


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My daughter had a cool family gifting concept this year:

  • Buy 1 LP for each person in the family; something you want them to hear or you think they would like, etc.
  • Everyone else in the family does the same.


It's cute and we're doing it and extending it beyond our 4 walls and bringing it on the road with the rest of the family. There is, however, one small problem: I don't own a turntable.


Looking for recommendations. I won't have time to put in the work find a vintage unit so new will likely be required. I'd like to keep it below $400.

My receiver has a phono preamp but, beyond that, I'm a bit of a turntable rookie.

I have read good stuff about this , this, and this. I've always loved the look of these but that's more than I want to spend.

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That is a great idea!

I have a Rega P3 and Pro-ject Sonos Edition. The Rega was 3x the cost of the Pro-ject and I can absolutely tell, rest of the family they don't care. Personally I like the first one you posted because it comes with an Ortofon cartridge.

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Great idea!

Took a similar journey this year. Started with my son's AT-60LX and quickly moved up to a Fluance RT85N. Thoroughly happy with the Fluance, though I went with a more expensive model than you're looking at. I chose Fluance for the quality of the included needle, the configuration it came in, and reviews. There are other makers that are more "future proof" for upgrading, and frankly, it felt like more fuss than I needed. 

Once you're out the 'suitcase' market and paying $300+, I suspect there's only marginal sound increase value in investing more until you're past $1k+. Your family won't recognise the difference, that's for sure :) 


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I will always recommend buying a Rega, because they’re excellent, and readily available in the UK. No idea whether they’re still good value for Americans, sorry. 

edit - and I’ve just looked it up. Literally twice the UK price over there. Maybe not, then. 

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