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Star Wars fans - this is for you!


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Originally posted by adamsappel@Jan 17 2004, 10:26 AM

Fun car! I love how the forum discussion quickly devolves from discussing the car and mocking the guy into minute detail about SW mythology and then about how nice his wife's boobs are.

That's NASIOC for you. They are possibly the largest collection of immature, infantile jerks of any large forum out there. They are quick to pronounce judgement, heavy on the self-rightousness, and all too often blantantly hypocritical.


I own a Scooby, and the only thing I visit that site for is as a technical resource, which thankfully, is the site's one redeeming quality. Go in there for any "Car Talk" and you might as well put your mind in hibernation.


LCVG they are not.


P.S. J.Fo, LOVE the avatar! :lol:

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