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Prince of Persia: SoT soundtrack

Robot Monkey

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Cha ching!


Yes, it's mp3s.


Here's the thing though, this information is freely passed around the UbiSoft forums, and apparently Ubi doesn't do anything because they have NO plans to release the soundtrack otherwise.


I'm gonna download for a listen. The "music" section is the ticket to ride.


Given all the soundtrack goodies that've shown up lately we might want to start up a game soundtrack thread and mush everything together almost.


I have a link to the BG&E soundtrack too if anybody wants it.

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Stuart Chatwood -- the composer of Prince of Persia: SoT -- is part of a band called The Tea Party. Their sound is similar to the soundtrack in that it seems like a bit of a blend of Middle Eastern themes and metal guitar work (featuring vocals I can only describe as laconic).


They have a double disc live album for FREE download on their site. Go to Multimedia --> Audio where they invite you to save the MP3's locally. Not bad, eh?



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God, I would have really liked to have been at that show. If only I had had the money.


Thanks for the link though. I didn't realise that someone from The Tea Party did the music from POP, but it does make perfect sense. I hadn't listened to their music much lately, but I was listening to their 2nd Album, The Edges of Twilight, recently and had forgotten just how good it is.

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