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Death of a Legend

Mark E

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Title says it all, the house that adventure games built was shut down by Atari on Friday according to internal sources, as reported by GameSpot.


Damned shame. I have a soft spot for Legend, as they did text adventures at a time when they were a totally dead genre, and they did them well. Eric the Unready is/was one of the best text adventures ever made and quite the barrel of laughs. Homeworld and Homeworld 2 were also quite enjoyable.


Hate to see a company go, even if they were strictly developers doing Unreal 2 right now. It's just the memories I suppose. Just seems to be far too much of this lately.

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Oops, sorry, I forgot about Relic's titles.


I'm not talking about those Homeworld games though.


I meant the ones based on Frederic Pohl's novels. Maybe they were called Gateway then... Hmm, I have to look that up.


But yeah not the 3D-flying-spacey Homeworlds, the ones that were text adventures :green:.

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