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Vice City...but not GTA...


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I'll believe it when I see it. Do IGN really think Sony/Take Two wouldn't cover this in the deal? Take Two /did/ re-negotiate the exclusivity deal, but I highly doubt it just covered the name...


I expect to see a GTA game on the Xbox sooner or later, and I expect to see it with GTA on the cover.

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It does seem odd that they could just drop the GTA from the title and negate the Sony exclusivity agreement. I'm sure the contracts were filled with legalese such as "in its entirety" or "known as 'X' or variations thereof". And why would VC be the first game ported? With GTA3 now a Greatest Hits title, it seems like that would be more probable. Is there any word on this also coming to the GameCube eventually?

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Is there any word on this also coming to the GameCube eventually?


I think it's a fairly reasonable assumption that any word would be a variation of "no" :P. I just don't see it happening. I'd love if it would though, since GTA is choice, but I'm not buying a new system for it ;).


I'd wager the silly misnomer about the kid image of the GC would kibosh the port. Which is even funnier if you consider the parents who bought this for their 10-year-olds to play on their PS2s :P.

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The July issue of OXM (page 16, Rumor Mole) says:


Sources close to somebody, and I can't tell you who it is, have indicated that GTA will be coming to Xbox after all. Apparently the game will contain both GTAIII and VC in one glorious package of gritty street violence. The game(s) will release on Xbox and GameCube approximately 24 hours after the exclusive deal with Sony runs out. My sources have indicated that on January 1, 2005, Xbox gamers will finally have a copy of GTA.



Speaking of GTA ports, where's the oft-rumored/oft-delayed/oft-denied GBA version?

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2005? I guess the Cube will need some software to maintain itself as Nintendo prepares for its next-gen system launch :P. If I have my way I'll be playing VC on my new computer in a couple years time.


As for the GBA version, I'd wager its still being rumoured, delayed, and denied ;).

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