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Ghost Recon players needed

Guest Bryan

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I am going to fire up GR:Island Thunder tonight (assuming I can get the dust off).

Anyone interested in an hour or so at 9:00 pm ET? We can switch over to RS3 after that.

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You didn't miss me - I was taking care of baby Eran last night and didn't get to play. I would love to try again tonight if anyone can make it. This is a great game that suffers now because it was the only great Live game for a long time...

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I'm still on most weeknights for an hour or two. I was at Disneyland yesterday and couldn't make it, and I will probably be sleeping in preparation for my graveyard shift tonight... but I hope this renewed interest in GRIT brings some of you back online... if so, we'll definitely connect again shortly! (I'll define "connect" for you in the first siege match!) :D

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I'll be on tonight. As a matter of fact, I've been playing this the past few nights trying to finish the single player campaign so I can trade it in.


I'll be glad to get some live games in before it goes back to EB. Just make sure that everyone has all of the maps downloaded (especially the ones from the RS3 demo).





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Here is what you missed in GR:IT last night:


Jeff: Well, we've killed 39 bad guys in this co-op firefight. We must have missed one.

Bryan: Lets go find him!


Jeff: (5 minutes later) Hmm, I wonder where he is?


Bryan: (5 minutes later) Hmm, I can't find him either. I'm heading for the middle of the map. If I die, you know where he is.


Jeff: Sounds good.


Bryan: (5 minutes later) I found him! He is stuck behind a door in this building and trying to walk through the door crack by the hinges.


Jeff: Shoot him!


Bryan: O.K.


<In the Lobby>


Bryan: Jeff, let's drop this turkey and go play RS3!


Jeff: Are you hosting, or am I??


<In RS3>


Bryan: Ahh... nice!


Jeff: Ahh... nice!

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I find it weird and / or interesting that all of you play the single-player missions and actually finish these games. I have yet to finish even the first mission in either GR:IT or RS3. The only Live game in which I've played much single player is Crimson Skies.

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