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Ive been Cubed


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That would require money that I've already diverted into games though :green:.


My other problem, in a more serious side of things, is that my internet is courtesy of the university since I live in one of their buildings. They firewall or whatever daft security they have here is thick and I can't play anything on MSN with my computer. I'm seriously concerned about a connectivity problem if I got an X-Box. I could definitely not afford to get a new internet provider.


Next year won't be a problem since I'm moving and will have a proper 'net provider. But right now I don't see a point in buying an X-Box if I'm not going to be able to get online with it, and I don't feel like paying for the privelege of finding out ;).


Mind you, I am still open to tax-deductible donations of X-Boxes for scientific testing 8).

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I know a few people who cant get online with there box's from school.


Well, at least I know I'm not being totally paranoid about it.


It's actually a bit of a pain in the ass because NOTHING MicroSoft does will let me connect, but just about everything else is fine. I can play Half-Life, Diablo II, whatever, online, but nothing by MS and no older titles such as System Shock 2.


Anyway, I'm not sure firewall is the proper term. It's something like we can send out but we can't receive back.

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