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Samba de Amigo - Third Party Maracas?

Mark E

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Heyo, I am generally shifting between ten different things to throw my money at, and one of them was the possibility of picking up a DC and trying to get a copy of SDA and a pair of maracas. Now, I realize Sega's controllers are as rare as hen's teeth and the third party ones aren't much more common.


Question is, what are the 3rd party controllers like? I'm just leery of running into a DDR-style situation, where the 3rd party dance pads (Red Octane being the exception, naturally) ended up being inferior trash products churned out for the $$$.


I know somebody out there has the answer to this ;).

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I've got a pair of the third party maracas - direct from Hong Kong. Shipping was more than the maracas themselves but they work great - just an ocassional mis-shake. I don't know how long they will last but I've had mine over a year without incident.


Samba De Amigo w/ the maracas is a GREAT party game - much more crowd friendly than DDR (and there is not as much tendancy to break into a Niagara Falls-like sweat).


I would defintatly order third party ones again (and might just to have a pair for backup).

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-I have one pair of original Sega Maracas I bought years ago (thank god) and now I'm in the market for a second pair, and I think I'll try to stay with sega's if I can afford it. I just bought a house and my new family/entertainment room is begining to take shape, and a second pair of maracas would be great fun now that we have the space.

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I still need to add two pair of maracas to my setup at home. I haven't had a chance to play Samba since I saw it at E3 in 2000.


I bought the game later on when it hit $10 bucks locally, but just haven't gotten the Maracas.


I found some 3rd party ones for around $25. I've pretty much given up on finding the Sega maracas for a reasonable price.



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