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WWE Smack Down Live......

Rob B

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Holy Shit........

I went to my first,"Live", event last night let me just say it was off the hook.

The only real complanit I have was that there was no running commonintary like when you watch it on tv.


We had really good seats for the price we paid. I think we got on tv a couple times too. Our seats were across the ring from were the guys run out about 30 rows back.


We alos got watch the taping of Volicety<sp?> that was kind of boring but I think we got on tv.


So on Thursday when you fans are watching looking for the following signs:


You can't see us & Thug-o-nomics made to look John Cena's Hand gestures for thug-o-nomics


Bobbio 3:16 with an arrow pointing down


The Big Show Slob Show will be crossed out


Wine'em Dine'em 619'em


Here Comes the ass


So for those of you that are fans if you would like "spoliers" of whats going to happen on Thursday let me know.

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I've been to 2 RAWS and Wrestlemania in Toronto 2 years ago.


I love seeing the WWE live. It's so much fun, and although I too dislike the fact I can't hear the commentary, the atmosphere makes it SO much fun.


At Wrestlemania I got a bunch of autographs in my autograph book, including Lita (Amy Dumas), who's my wife but just doesn't know it yet. :)

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Ive been to a lot of wwe events. Wrestlemania X (HBk/Razar Ramon Ladder Match), Royal Rumble 2000(HHH vs Mick Foley Hardcore match, and Hardy's Vs Dudleys where Jeff Hardy jumped off the top of one of the entrence areas onto the table), and a ton of raws(HHH's come back, Stone Colds come back, Kanes Come back and lots of other good stuff). Seems the NYC WWE events have big stuff that happens. I love going to them. Havent been to one in a while but i hope to go to one this year



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