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EA and Microsoft work things out?

Bruce B

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It's a bunch of smoke, sorry.


While Microsoft and EA are still trying to work out a deal to have EA titles on Live, this quote is bogus


In fact, we have reports of an unnamed Microsoft representative in New Zealand who confirmed that Battlefield 1942 will be EA's first Xbox Live game - a nice way to make an entrance, don't you think?


This is the same report they got from someone in New Zealand last year.


If anything is to be announced about EA and Microsoft meeting an agreement, it will happen at E3.

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I really don't think that is really all that much of a factor. I honestly believe it to be a matter of control, and EA wanting to do what they want, and Sony is the only one who's letting them. If Sony had SonyOnline for the PS2 and ran it the same way as XBLive, I think they'd be in the same position.


I'll take Sega's sports games over EA's any damn day of the week


As would I... where they have competition though. Fifa's about the only soccer game in town since Konami isn't making Winning 11/Pro Evo for XB, and I would love to se EA's non sports and EA Big titles online enabled.

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