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Upcoming GBA titles

The Daisy

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I was just doing some prep work for the Calendar here and was noticing dates for a few GBA games that were surprising to me.


Metroid: Zero Mission - 2/9 (This one is a day one pickup)

Mario Golf - 3/1 (I'm thinking day one on this one as well)

Wade Hixton's Counter Punch - 3/16 (Can someone finally get Punchout done right?)

Bejeweled - 4/1 (Who hasn't wasted days on Popcap or the MSN Zone playing this one?)

River City Ransom - 4/15 (Believe it or not, I've never played the original)

Metal Slug Advance - 4/15 (If it's one of the Neo Geo Pocket versions redone... no thanks. But if it's all new, count me in)



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Originally posted by FreakTornado@Jan 21 2004, 09:35 AM

I've wasted lots of hours on my Palm machine with this, but how in the world will it work without pen or cursor based input??

I imagine the control scheme to be quite similar to Tetris Attack. They would only need to add a modifier to change the cursor from horizontal to vertical and back.


Alternately I imagine it thus:


The cursor was set up to select one jewel. By pressing a button on a jewel the curson became "sticky" and allowed the user to select a neighboring jewel using the D-pad, thereby requesting the swap. Letting go of the button would return the cursor to single-jewel mode again.

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But often in this game you will be searching frantically for the next 3-in-a-row and sometimes it's on the opposite side of the playing area from the previous one...I just can't see it being a lot of fun to use the D-pad to move to where the match is and then specify if you want to shift vertically or horizontally...


Maybe they'll work something out, but it seems like it will be a very different game.

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River City Ransom - 4/15 (Believe it or not, I've never played the original)


Oh man, you guys HAVE to play this. This is the best NES beat 'em up of all time. Period. The game is hilarious and Japanese and just amazing.


You could go to tons of stores to buy stat increasing items and health food and new techniques and do lots of idiotic crap like taking saunas or ordering smiles at the burger joint :green:.


Then the fighting was amazing, you could deflect thrown objects and all sorts of neat little crap. The best was getting a lead pipe and having your friend get a rock, then having a little improvised baseball game.


If this is close to the original it will be a thing of beauty.

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