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What free PocketPC apps do you download?


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Handy Menu - A nifty little popup menu that acts like a system tray icon. It doesn't add any new functionality, but it brings a lot of commonly used option in one place.


Magic Button - Allows programs to show in the taskbar when you switch to a different app.


PocketFeed - A pocketPC RSS news aggregator.


PIEPlus - It makes PocketIE useable by reformatting pages to fit in a PocketPC window. Also allows multiple windows.


Pocket MVP - the video player for pocketpc.


Pocket Player (by Conduits Software) - A great MP3 player.


Theme Generator v2 - Microsoft's theme maker. Also, the theme switcher is a must-have.


nPOP - A POP3 email client.


Total Commander - A FREE and much better file explorer.


eWallet - an encrypted database to store passwords.


Also, Freeware PPC is a great place for free software.



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Wow, thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for. Hey, I have a question. My Axim has a scroll lever on the left, that I use to navigate web pages, etc. (you can click it in to select a link). The only thing keeping me from a stylus-free browsing session is the inability to go BACK without the stylus. There has to be a way, but I can't figure it out. Maybe there is someway to map that function to one of my buttons?

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