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IGN hands on with Project Gotham 2


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Boy, what's not to like there? Other than the "holiday" release date, that is... :cry:


I am particularly psyched by the prospect of not losing all of my kudos just by nicking a rail or a traffic cone...that's part of what eventually transformed the original game from "challenging" to "fuck this, it's not even fun anymore".


Thanks for the links! 8)

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Yep, I check in on the Bizarre Forums weekly or so & "Sausage" promises the game will be out this year. They very rarely promise anything over there, so I think it's guaranteed to come out in '03.


Do check out the Bizarre Forums if you're interested in the game. Those guys are smart, humorous....and great in bed I hear,

too. :lol:



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I heard through the grapevine (not web sites) that PGR2 will use a new, real force-feedback (as opposed to vibration feedback) API from MS.


Also have heard that Saitek and others are looking at releasing new wheels for this capability (and hopefully a headset-compatible memory card slot).

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Buck, the last two links are to the same movie...


They look amazing (despite being shot by a DV cam aimed at a screen)...but WTF is up with the first movie, rollercoaster? Does this figure in the game?


Favorite quote:


"we're going to have doobl the number of cities, doobl the number of cahs"



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Did anyone else catch the preview of PGR2 on X-Play? If you didn't, I'm sure it will replay this weekend at some point. In a word, it will most surely :Rock:


Aside from the outstanding use of the Xbox hardware, the thing that stood out the most to me was the sound of the GTO engine :shock: Good ole 'American Muscle' :D

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OMG :shock:


Co-op PGR :D


Unlike most titles with an online multiplayer element, players' performances on Live will earn Kudos in just the same way as you would offline, meaning you can unlock all the cars without ever having to touch the single player game if you don't want to. Unlocking cars requires that you earn Kudos tokens, which are picked up once you've passed the required level of Kudos on any given track.


Read a preview here that will have you wanting this game more then ever before.

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Official statement:

Ok, there has been a bit of backlash, which was expected when the decision was made, and making it wasn't easy. We had lots of thing to take into account ? the amount of development time we had left, what features we?d have to drop, whether it would improve gameplay or not, Microsoft?s research into the matter, and various other things. And we?re happy with the results, as everyone who saw it over the last few days was.


The renderer is running at a rock steady 30fps with the rest of the game (AI, car dynamics, controller input etc) running at 60 Hz, which makes the gameplay is as sharp as it would be at 60 Hz. A solid frame rate is far more important that a high framerate that dips.


This lets us run with hugely detailed scenes, FSAA, the environment mapping on the car and buildings running at full speed (something we weren?t able to get in for the first game), self shadowing cars, 8 car races, and the audio system we have. It?s a matter of preference, but we believe the trade-off is worthwhile.


We hope those who aren?t too keen on the idea will come round, as the game has a lot more to offer than it?s framerate.


The backlash he's referring to can be found at the official forum:



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One disappointing thing...the Eurogamer article says that they've decided to lower the framerate to 30fps this time.


Graphics update at 30fps, everything else updates at 60fps. Fine by me.


And Eurogamer is wrong on the Kudos online unlocking the single player stuff, according to someone I know involved with it.

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