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New Video card needed

The Daisy

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Well, I'm waiting on my Ti4200 to be replaced via RMA from PNY... but I figure now is as good a time as any other to replace the videocard on my PC. I figure my Ti4200 will be a fine card for my 2nd PC if people come over for some LAN gaming.


I've been going back and forth between some of the newer NVIDIA cards and the newer ATI ones.


I'm trying to stay in the $200 range, as I just can't see spending $400 on a new card on my computer, since I play most of my games on my consoles.


At this point I'm looking at the ATI 9600XT, or the Nvidia FX 5900... both of which seem to be around the $200 range.


Any suggestions, comments?





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I would go with the 9600XT, only because I'm a big fan of ATI (Plus it comes with Half-Life 2!). I haven't liked the nVidia line since their GeForce 2 lineup.


If you can find a Radeon 9500 Pro, that would be even better, since the 9500 Pro outperforms the 9600XT. But it's a few cycles old, and might not be found that easily.


There is a 9600XT review here:



I would also recommend the video card forums at:



You can usually find a lot of good information and peoples thoughts about video cards there.

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I saw that Newegg deal on the 9700 Pro...that's quite an offer.


I'd say wait. Stick with your old card a bit longer. The new chipsets are due soon and current models will take yet another price drop.


Having said that, I couldn't wait either. I built myself a new PC for Christmas and wrestled with the ATI 9600XT versus the nVidia FX5900 decision as well. The 5900 is the faster card but the 9600XT more advanced shaders mean future games (HL2, Doom) will run better.


I went with the FX5900 as I got a great deal at Newegg. If I were buying today (and couldn't wait) I'd go with that 9700 Pro deal Ruffneck mentioned.

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From what I read, the Nvidia FX 5900 should easily out perform the 9600XT. However, I would jump on the 9700 Pro deal!


I have the 9500 Pro... great card, but I have to use the DVI port since I get rolling wavy lines on my monitor from it (ATI even replaced it and I still have the problem).




An even better deal:


@ MWave

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I'd recommend the ATI cards as well. After having some time with Romier's 9700 Pro this past weekend I've been officially converted :D


I used to be the biggest Nvidia whore around, but what ATI has done in the past year or so is truly amazing.


Out of curiosity, what are the rest of your system specs?

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Originally posted by gwhinwi@Jan 22 2004, 05:57 PM



I've got a Intel 2.8 GHz, 1 GB DDR - 3200 Memory system.

Pretty close to the config I was using Romier's card on. And like Romier said, you'll be happy with the 9700 Pro. In short, it hauls ass :D

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Got my new card today delivered to work. It looks... purdddy.


I'll let you all know what I think when I get it put into my new system and test out some games.


Thanks again for the recommendations and the heads up on the card.




Edit: Looks like the card has dropped to $202 now. DAMN! hehe.

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So what would the consenus here be?


9700PRO 128MB for $202 shipped




9600XT 256MB for $183 shipped


Granted we're only talking a $19 difference, but in my situation every penny counts. Is there a gigantic performance leap between the 9600XT and the 9700PRO? Does the extra 128MB RAM mean anything?


Whadaya think?

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Originally posted by merlot+Feb 4 2004, 09:18 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (merlot @ Feb 4 2004, 09:18 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-gigapower@Feb 3 2004, 05:24 PM

i'll give you $5.97 for it.

You are too generous! [/b]

so does that mean you'll take it? i can paypal it right now.

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