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Old School FPS Night!

Chris F

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Well, time to dust off your Quake CDs everyone!


Since I've been on my Old School FPS kick, I figured the right way to start it off would be...




What you'll need:


The original Quake

Quake v1.08 patch

GLQuake (v1.09) or Win Quake (For Shawn) ;)


Now, if you're going to get GLQuake, you might as well get the VIS'ed .PAK files as well. I can provide the utilities to do this yourself, or you can PM me for an alternative.


If anyone interested, let me know, and I'll try to set something up for this weekend! I think it'll be a good time for everyone!

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I'll be in on Quake II night


Oh, you bet your ass that's coming as soon as I can get my hands on Quake 2 : Quad Damage :)


I'm also planning a Duke Nukem 3D / Shadow Warrior night, and maybe some co-op Doom/Doom II nights as well!


There will also be a Quake III and Team Arena night, towards the end of the cycle.

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Originally posted by Ruffneck@Jan 22 2004, 04:39 PM

There will also be a Quake III and Team Arena night, towards the end of the cycle.

I'm definitely down for this one :D I used to live and breathe Q3 for about 2 years straight.


I recommend everyone download the map Overkill. I'll upload it soon if anyone doesn't have it or can't find it.

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Alright, so I got the 108 patch and GLQuake, it all seems to be working. Just for fun I also installed Tenebrae to play with the lighting and bump-mapping. What a difference!


Now if I could only figure out why the command-line parameters to change the video mode aren't working.


EDIT: Got it. I was trying to use the console instead of the command line in the application shortcut. So, when do we play?

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Maybe someone here can give me a quick run-through on autoexec.cfg and config.cfg files?


I need to customize mine a bit, and they don't seem to stick.


Specifically, I need the following two-three lines to execute each time I play Quake:


r_wateralpha 0.7

r_mirroralpha 0.3

r_shadows 1


Plus, I'd like to adjust my Gamma and a few other things via those files.


I've totally forgotten how to deal with autoexec.cfg and config.cfg files in Quake... :(

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