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Your online gaming compared to offline?

Robot Monkey

How much time is spent online/offline?  

  1. 1. How much time is spent online/offline?

    • No online, all offline
    • 20% online, 80% offline
    • 40% online, 60% offline
    • 50% online, 50% offline
    • 60% online, 40% offline
    • 80% online, 20% offline
    • All online, no offline

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I'd say I'm about 80% online, 20% offline.


I prefer the more personal interaction that you get playing with a human being than against the PC.


Xbox Live has also contributed greatly to my preference for online gaming as well. Nothing like being able to talk smack, chat, or whatever over XBL.

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If it weren't for Live my online presence would be virtually nil. I don't care to play multiplayer with people I don't know, so outside of the occasional game of Tron 2.0 Disc Arena or Battlefield 1942 I don't play online on the PC.


I suspsect that as I gradually augment my stash of games my online percentage will likewise grow.

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