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Halo 2.............. in November?


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I chatted (online) briefly with a Bungie employee around the time of E3. He wasn't full of answers but he made several statements indicating surprise at Bungie's failure to indicate just how complete the game was. It was his opinion that the game was virtually complete.

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Ok, I invited this guy since he seems to have the Bungie insider information.........


Bungie already has the engine from halo 1 so all they need to is upgrade.


See, this is the kind of top secret information that LCVG needs. I mean come on, who else here knew that Bungie had the game engine to the original Halo :shock:


You guys can thank me later when we're all basking in the glory of insider Bungie news :P

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Too bad they aren't using the Halo 1 engine.


So, are you saying that Scarfaceass might not have the insider info on Bungie, interesting.


Any ideas what engine they're using for Halo 2? Because if they use the JK2 engine, oh my god, the fighting is gonna :Rock:

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Read the rumor here


I'm not holding my breath, but damn if I wouldn't LOVE to see it happen :D


I'll believe it when I see it.


If it does come out, wonderful. If not, I've got 20 other games I need to solve/sell on eBay.


14 hour days, though? What "incentives" are they offering? Letting them sleep the other 10?

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