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Newsroom (dark comedy)

Robot Monkey

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Yeah, as Mark mentions, The Newsroom is still alive and well on CBC. It's still airing new episodes to the best of my knowledge.


I still think The Office is the best example of office comedy though ;).


Oh, and I have to plug the Trailer Park Boys as well. It's airing on BBC America in Spring (after The Office actually) and it's a series about two guys who are trying to retire by 35 by growing dope. It's really quite hilarious and I plug it mostly because it was shot right here in Halifax at one of the local trailer parks :P.

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I never watched the original incarnation of the newsroom but wasn't it a show last year as well?


And is the Office the same as Made in Canada? I thought that was the name it was distributed in the states as. If so, it's also on cbc "reruns only" at 1:30pm from tuesday-thursday. I'd never seen this show before but now that I'm a slacker student (with no cable) i watch it quite regularly. A really good show.

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