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Will GC output component AND s-video??


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GC owners -


Just wondering - for those of you with component cables/component compatible TVs. When you hook up the component cables, will the s-video on the a/v cables still show a signal too? Or does hooking up component disable the video from the a/v output?


I'm considering an Infocus X1, but it accepts progressive and interlaced 480 into different inputs.


I'd really appreciate anyone who can help. I did a lot of googling but couldn't find an answer. Thanks!!

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Yay! Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks!!!!


I would prefer to run the GC on component all the time, but the X1 projector uses a different S-video with extra pins that also does double duty as 480i component input. So I can't really use the S-video on the projector unless I converted all my other stuff over to component as well. And since I have a Saturn, Dreamcast, SNES, PS2, etc all running on s-video, I'll have to live with s-video for non-progressive Gamecube games. I figure the difference shouldn't be toooo huge (not enough to invest in another switcher at least).


Thanks for the answer, J.Fo! Appreciated!!

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