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***The Catch a Glitch on LCVG Giveaway rules***

Romier S

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Ok gents first and foremost I would like to thank Brian (dogbert) for a perfect naming scheme for this "contest" since it was the inspiration for this whole thing. Next thing to cover is what exactly this whole ordeal will entail. Its rather simple actually...


Heres the scoop folks, this is a giveaway. Yep you read that right. In other words you do what I ask and I give you something for free. You hear that? FREE! The best word in the english dictionary. (Right next to "bling bling". Think I'm kidding? Look it up.) Now unlike most giveaways that entail answering some goofy trivia questions or throwing your dog through a ring of fire and taking a picture we're actually going to make you work for this prize.


What exactly is the prize? (Of course there must be motivation!). Well the winner of this giveaway will recieve a brand spanking new copy of Ubisofts Beyond Good and Evil (platform of your choice however this is limited to the console version only please.). Thats right you get to go out and help Jade unravel her governments best kept secrets in the comfort of your own home and you don't even have to spend a penny on the game to do it!


Now, you have to be dying with curiosity now wondering what it is you have to do to get this fantastic game for free? Well its not called the "Catch a Glitch" giveaway for nothing. To win this prize you need to go out and purchase a new copy of Metal Arms A Glitch in the System (any platform) on or after the date the contest begins (which I will place at the end of this post). The rules? Here they are:


1. You must be a registered member of the LCVG forums to participate.


2. You must buy a brand new copy of Metal Arms Glitch in the System on any available platform on or after the date the contest starts (see below).


3. You must be the first to post in the sticky thread (in General Discussion) called "**The Catch a Glitch on LCVG Giveaway!**" with the exact words "I found Glitch and I'm a happy gamer! Check out my evidence LCVG!"


4. You must show evidence of your purchase to the staff here at LCVG. What evidence? You must a take a picture of the inside of the case with the game disc showing (label up). (No returns allowed here folks, you buy the game you best play it) You must also take a picture of the reciept with a semi-legible closeup of the date you purchased the game.


Methods of delivery:


1. You can put the pictures in your post right after you say the winning line. That will be an acceptable means of showing evidence.


2. You can email the pictures to staff@lcvg.com. You will recieve an email with the subject line "You win!"


So thems the rules folks. Fairly simply all around and it gives you the opportunity to own a fantastic shooter that has been horribly overlooked and to win a copy of a fantastic adventure game that has been all but ignored.


Please read the Intellectual Property agreement for the board and keep in mind the legalities involved. We will be posting some rules and legal statements regarding the contest ASAP.



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Let me just say that I think this is a great idea for a contest. Anyone who's seen my avatar knows what I think about Metal Arms, and I'll happily stand by any effort to support it. However, I have not said much about this contest's prize, Beyond Good & Evil. I won't launch into a long discourse of why the game is amazing here, but I will say that it's been a week since I finished playing it, and I'm still in wonderment over how good the entire experience was. Fans of adventure games are in for a real treat with this one. Great story, wonderful graphics, a musical score to die for, and overall one of the most cinematic games I?ve played.


And even if you don't win, just go out and buy these two games anyway. They're utterly fantastic and deserve more recognition from the general gaming public.

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This is a good idea. I've actually been considering buying Metal Arms for my girlfriend for a while now. But won't people on the east cost (or for that matter Europe) have a bit of an advantage here or am I missing something (which is a distinct possibility)? :cry: Just curious. I guess that's the disadvantage of living in California. 8)

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Tommorrow is the start time ladies and gentleman. Those looking to buy Metal Arms please be sure to get your clocks ready. .By the way please keep in mind tha those on the west coast dont need to worry about the time difference with the East Coast. If you buy the game 3 hours earlier it still counts. ;)

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..and that you have Matt.


Everyone please congratulate Matt on winning the The Catch a Glitch on LCVG giveaway. He will have a new copy of Beyond Good and Evil in the mail soon.


EDIT: I've closed the winner thread above and am leaving this thread open for anyone to make any replies they would like to make.

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Holy Shit!!!!!!!




As I said in my email to Romier, I never win contests. I had to hall my ass all over town today to find the game. Best Buy to price match my new Xbox Live starter kit and pick up Rainbow Six 3 for $27, no Metal Arms. GamePlay (local game shop I like to buy from), no metal arms. Target to get chips for the Superbowl, no metal arms. Finally, Circuit City, one copy of Metal Arms left. I was about ready to just give up. But I'm glad I didn't. And then to top off the day, I did manage to win the last section of the pool for the Superbowl. $40 paid for Metal Arms and then some.


Beyond Good and Evil is a game that didn't really catch my attention, but with all the positive comments I've heard about it here, I'm very much looking forward to playing it.


Thanks a bunch guys, this is a great way to start out on a new forum!!!!!!!


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Let me extend a hearty congratulations to you on winning the contest! Please, let us all know what you think about both Metal Arms and Beyond Good & Evil once you get a chance to sit down with both. I think you'll be pleased with both games. I know I am. :D

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