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What.. a good Transformers game!!!

paul h

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Hands on impressions have been posted on computerandvideogames.com.. sounds damn cool to me!! :D


"Once in the game, controls will be familiar to anyone who's played Halo: the right analogue stick is used to move the crosshair around while the left stick moves your 'bot forwards, backwards and from side-to-side. Although it's viewed from a behind-the-'bot third-person perspective, it plays very much like an FPS.


The other key function on the front of the pad is the triangle button, which is used to - yep, you guessed it - transform your 'bot - accompanied by the sound effect of ultimate justice. You'll spend the first 10 minutes doing nothing but changing back and forth like some crazed fool - it's awesome."


"One thing that is immediately striking about the title is the epic scale of the stages: the first level - Amazon - is massive and, Jak and Daxter-stylee, everywhere you can see, you can get to. Very impressive."


"Visually, Melbourne House has got a high level of performance out of Sony's ageing console. While the colour scheme is a little on the drab side and textures aren't the most detailed you'll ever see, the huge scale of the stage and the huge bosses makes up for this admirably."


"Indeed, special mention must go to the boss battles: on most you'll face a particular nasty-looking Decepticon - and yes, all your favourites are here, including Starscream and Megatron. But the real stand-out battle we played was against Tidalwave, the giant robot-cum-aircraft carrier. At the end of the Arctic level you land on the carrier and it eventually transforms into Tidalwave's robot form - which is quite simply gargantuan. (Take a look at the screens to see we're not kidding). "

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I loved the Transformers growing up (my son also plays with the current iteration of Transformers now). I remember when I first played Sweettooth in Twisted Metal: Black and saw the ice cream truck transform into a robot thinking how cool it would be to have a Transformers game on a next-gen console.


The screenshots look pretty good but I was kind of hoping for a more cartoony cel-shaded look.


gamespot.com has the release date at 5/11/04.


I second the cry for the original Transformers (Autobots vs. Decepticons)! Although, I wonder how the gameplay would be with some of the Decepticons that turn into non-vehicles like cassette tapes. :shock:

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