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This is Xbox Gaming Heaven!


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Started out the week buying Outlaw Volleyball (after Leslie ended up in the hospital - she is okay though) :)


Then decided to trade in DOA:XBV & Mortal Kombat (who needs 2 volleyball games) & used the credit towards Star Wars:KOTOR, which I got today.


And when I got home - my XBL retail point games came in with:

Inside Pitch 2003

Shenmue II

& Brute Force (& a XBox hat) - all for a small shipping & handling fee.


Life is good :)


& a month's vacation awaits!!!!!!! :D

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Well Brute Force should take 1 day, Shenmue II about 4 or 5, OV and Inside Pitch you can play while you take "breaks" between multi hour plays of KOTOR.


I can see that Cal is going to be a busy man for awhile. I am wondering if he plans on scheduling any family time in the near future ? :wink:

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Xbox heaven it is.


Today at lunch I took a little trip to Best Buy. Finally, I see Tony Hawk 4 for $19.99. I grabbed that, plus a controller S (and a cheap $9.99 DVD).


My travels then took me to the nearby mall. I kept saying "No" to myself, but I didn't listen to me. I resisted, but the body made a b-line for the ATM. I then found myself in front of the register at EB and mumbled the words "Knights of the Old Republic".


Looks like I'll be busy this weekend. Rail grinds and Sith affiliation are on order!

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my XBL retail point games came in with

sorry, what's this?


When X-Box launched, they had retail employees come to a restraunt/meeting place in the area they were in, ours was Boston. Since we both worked for Toys R Us we got to go play X-Box before anyone else. They have a retail site that you can earn points to redeem for free stuff.


If they do this again with the next system for them ... I guess I will have to go back to Toys R Us for awhile lol

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They never verified employment the previous two times I used it. It's possible they did so over my head but I never heard anything about it. I can't rule out the possibility they may do so.


At any rate, it's worth a try for those of you interested. Worst case, you spend 30 minutes filling out silly quizes and get charged a few bucks for shipping (which is refundable). Might work, might not.

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