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Blasted HP CD Writer dies

Angry the Clown

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My second HP CD writer died a death on Sunday night. I was burning a CD, of only 300mb or so, everything stalled at 98% and the only way I could reboot the PC was by unplugging the PC from the mains. The writer now makes a God awful din upon powering up and the PC refuses to acknowledge a writing device is even installed. Funny thing was, my previous CD writer, also HP, bowed out in the exact same way.


So, I've been looking to DVD Writers from anyone other than HP. Sony, NEC perhaps. Any recommendations?



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I bought a Sony DRU500A a year or so ago, the first DVD writer on the market to write and read both plus and minus formats. Haven't had a problem with it. The newer models are even cheaper and faster. At work we have a few Plextor 708A's... no problems with those either.

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