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XSN Sports titles to drop to 29.99?

The Daisy

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This will be my excuse to finally get Links 2004, if it comes to be.


This quote is straight from Happy Puppy. (It could not be linked, so I'm posting a part of their post)


The following first-party sports titles from Microsoft for the Xbox will be hitting the discount rack on February 25th.


# Top Spin

# NFL Fever 2004

# Links 2004

# NBA Inside Drive 2004

# Amped 2

# NHL Rivals 2004


Good news. I'll probably pickup Amped and Links at those prices.



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Top Spin is an incredible game. However, it's not really popular around these parts. I've only played a couple of LCVGers online (and kicked their asses! Yeah, you heard me), but I'm always up for a match. However, the game has a few flaws. Looooong load times, getting automatically kicked to the lobby with no quick rematch option, between point animations, the trapped-in-molasses feel of the women's game (though you do get to stare at AK's ass). It's simple to play with a single button shot, but deep enough you can use all the other shots as you progress in skill. I heartily recommend it, especially at that price.


I'll probably pick up Amped 2.

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I picked up Top Spin, Links and Amped 2 and I'm loving all 3 right now. I bought them under the buy 2 get 1 free deal but alas this deal doesn't fall within the 30 days for a price match so if this turns out to be true, then so be it. This is the best $83 I've spent.


Top Spin is a blast except for the cut scenes and the other 2 are w/o flaws to me.


At $29.99 they are a steal.

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