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Palm game reccomendations?

General Zot

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I'm particularly fond of Insaniquarium, for reasons that are still not yet known to me.


AH! I feel exactly the same way! It's such a silly game with huge contrivances, but it's still more fun that it should be.


I'm of the opinion there are very few good games for the PalmOS.


If you like word games, it's, IMO, the best platform there is (aside from actual board games).


I love word games, hence my favorite Palm games are; Wordlet (boggle), TextTwist (word jumble), Niggle (free version of Scrabble*), Hangman, and WhatWord.


Other games I like: Billiards, Dartz, Mega Bowling, Pahraoh, Bubblet. Atomica, Majongg, and 3D Blockout (3d tetris)


But few, if any, of those are free.


*If you want Niggle, I can email it to you. Unfortunately, Niggle was taken off the market after it was bought by a game developer who decided to gussy it up, dumb it down and sell it at $30 a pop. Niggle doesn't look as nice as the commercial version, but it was free and the AI is very challenging. The official Scrabble game for Palm is really easy even on the hardest setting.

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Well, I like Atomica a lot, mostly because it's a very deep-logic kind of game. It seems really simple at first, but once you play it for a while, you start to sense patterns that allow you to get further and further. It costs $15.


Wordlet is another favorite (also $15), but it's a pure word game, so if you don't like word games, don't bother.


Mahjongg is a fairly simple pattern matching against-the-clock game that I enjoy. It's also $15.


One of the nice things about Palm games is that, in almost every case, you can try out a game before you buy. So I recommend you cruise through http://www.palmgear.com and see what strikes your fancy. You can play it and decide if it's worth your money.

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I just discovered a new game that is quite a bit of fun, it's called Rocket Mania. I got an email from Astraware when it was released, but it looked kind of dumb and very similar to 'pipes' and the like. But I decided to try it out, and it has some nice twists on the theme.


The game is $17.95, but they sent me a $5 off promo, which is tied to this URL:




I'm not sure if it will work for everyone, but it's worth a try.


Download the game, try it out and see if you like it.

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I'm particularly fond of Insaniquarium, for reasons that are still not yet known to me.

Buddy just beamed this thing over for me and I was instantly addicted. Anybody know if there's a hi-res version of this?

I'd also love to hear of any more recommendations you guys could make.

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