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Metal Slug Advance pics

Romier S

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Here's a little blurb from SNK about the game:

The Ultimate in Action Shooting Games, "METAL SLUG" moves to the GBA!


The METAL SLUG series, wildly popular in game arcades, now appears in its original version for the GAME BOY? ADVANCE. Not only will it thrill with its peerless pixel action that makes the most of the GBA's graphic capabilities, but it also delivers such series favorites as the Crossroad Entrances and a host of new features.


A Total of 5 Missions - plus 4 mini stages including:

# Subterranean dungeons

# Mysterious ruins

# Limestone caverns

# Lava zones

# Subterranean lakes

# and more


Complete additional assignments to move onto another stage.

Hidden missions surprise the player as they go through each mission.

A Rescued Hostage Record of rescued hostages is kept on file.


Being a Metal Slug fanatic, this game is highly anticipated for me.:D Any ideas as to when this might be coming out? EBGames is showing 9/15/04, Gamestop is showing 8/17/04 :shock: (most likely completely fabricated dates).


(For those interested, the US release of Metal Slug 3 on a console seems to be all over the place, I'm starting a thread in the XBox forum about this).

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