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Advice on getting used to the 2nd analog stick


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I once owned a PSX a while back and bought one of the first Analog sticks available but it wasn't such a huge deal back then as not many games utilized it. As my PC has outdated itself I've decided to plunge myself into the console world with the purchase of an Xbox only to find that the 2nd analog stick is most commanly used.


Perhaps I'm not too ambidextrious but I'm finding it quite difficult in games where precision is necessary as in games like Halo. I haven't tried Metal Arms yet for the same reason and I've balked at RS3 thinking the same thing will occur. I bought Halo expecting greatness and while I will agree the game is brilliant I just can't get used to the 2nd analog stick and therefore I suck at the game. Games like Amped 2 are fine as accuracy isn't an issue but shooters especially I'm having issues with.


Perhaps It's a natural tendancy of mine as I've gotten used to the Keyboard and mouse but I just can't get used to the 2nd analog stick especially for aiming purposes.


Anyone else feel my pain or have dealt with it and have suggestions?

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I had trouble when I first started, I would run around like a madman in Halo. Really...just a lot of practice was what it took to get the hang of it. After a certain point, your hands will work together and your character will go the direction you want him to without you thinking about it. It definitely takes a little while though!

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I guess I should get really mad at work then come home and take out my frustration on some alien scum and hopefully I'll get used to it.


The only PC game I play anymore is Battlefield and as I've picked up some great games on the Xbox I'm starting to enjoy my PC less so I've got some determination to get better.

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I've often wondered why games like Halo, which offer the ability to change the "look sensitivity", don't also offer some sort of utility to allow you to determine which sensitivity best suits your abilities.


It would be cool for a game to have a floating ball moving around the screen, while inviting you to walk through a course while shooting the ball. Then it could tell you the percentage of the time you had the target in-scope, the percentage of "bulls-eyes", etc. You could then experiment with different sensitivity settings until you arrive at the one that is within your abilities.


The only advice I can offer is practice, practice practice. Start with a really low sensitivity and then gradually ratchet it up as you get better.


When I first started playing Halo, I was amazed when my friend demonstrate the technique of walking around me in circles, while keeping his targeting reticle right on my head the whole time. I thought this feat was impossible at first, but now I can do it with ease.


Keep up the practice and soon it will be second nature.



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