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Panzer Dragoon Genos!


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European games sites are "abuzz", to use an American term, with leaked footage from this week's Sega press day showing off "Panzer Dragoon Genos", allegedly a sequel to Panzer Dragoon Saga, from Smilebit.


Have to put the link like this because the forum software can't parse it correctly:



Supposedly Xbox only, and 2005...


Panzer Dragoon Genos (LCVG mirror)

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Originally posted by FreakTornado@Jan 28 2004, 06:16 PM

Hey Scott, I'm getting the folliowing error when I tried your link:


You are not authorized to view this page




You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.


Guess I got no cred around here :(

Should be fixed now, Ed :)

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If this is true.....




<<<<<<<<fucking faints



Shit I just logged out of my phones to read this thread at work. My life will stop the minute I hear this is true. You have no idea. (though my co-workers will since they'll see me jumping up and down on my desk like I just won the fucking lottery or something).

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Hmm, if i was going to show off my rendering skills, I think I'd spend more time showing examples of rendering rather than text and logos. There are very few actual rendered shots in this, although they look beautiful.


Then again, if the idea is to make a realistic looking trailer, then this would be spot-on.

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I would absolutely love for this to be true, but here's some things I've found:

Whois lookup for year-of-the-dragon.com

Domain found



Michael Herzog

Buddestr. 74

Recklinghausen, N/A 45665





Administrative Contact:

Herzog, Michael opensrs@namespace4you.com

Buddestr. 74

Recklinghausen, N/A 45665



Technical Contact:

Hostmaster, Domainfactory opensrs@namespace4you.com

Oskar-Messter-Str. 33

Ismaning, N/A 85737



Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.

Record last updated on 25-Jan-2004.

Record expires on 25-Jan-2005.

Record created on 25-Jan-2004.


Domain servers in listed order:



The trailer also uses music from Warcraft III, and there's some discussion about it here: http://www.panzerdragoon.net/forums/viewto...=563&highlight=

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I havent even watched the trailer yet. Either way it wont be horribly disappointing if its not true. To be honest after the gaming community all but ignored Orta I resided myself to the fact that we'd never see another Panzer Dragoon for a long time (such a sad realization to come to). Dammit, now all those old emotions are all stirred up again. THANKS ALOT BRIAN! :green:

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