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Any Bikers?


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In case you didn't already know, my Honda Metropolitan scooter was recently stolen. One of the main reasons I chose the Metropolitan was because of the free parking at work. I've since come to learn that all motorcycles are free to park, not just scooters.


This has me thinking that I might want a full-fledged motorcycle instead of a scooter if mine never comes back. Of course this means that I'll have to test for an endorsement on my license but I'm willing to do that.


The problem is that I don't even know where to start. I don't have a lot to spend, maybe in the neighborhood of $3000, so used is most likely the best option. I also don't want to get too low on the engine size, but don't really need a monster either. I'm thinking roughtly 600cc or so. I've really only heard of a few bikes, those being Harleys, a few Hondas and the Suzuki Marauder that my brother just bought.


So I thought I would approach the LCVG hive-mind and see what was offered. Are there any bikers or motorcycle fanatics out there? What should I be looking for? Since I'll likely be looking at used vehicles what are the warnings signs I should avoid on a unit for sale? What are the good points I should be on the lookout for?


As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

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Most of the advice I've seen for first time bike buyers is to go around 400 cc's. Plenty big but you won't be as likely to kill yourself. Also keeps the cost down. I believe there are a few kawasaki's and suzuki's that fit well in that price range. I'll try to dig up some info and post it.

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