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Savage: Battle for Newerth


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I finally have a copy of Savage: Battle for Newerth on the way. It's one of those games that I really, really want to play, but never had the desire to play with people I don't know. I'm getting over that, little by little, and had some extra change. I was able to procure a brand new copy on Half.com for $19.99 so I jumped on it.


For those of you unfamiliar with Savage I would suggest downloading the demo to get a feel for it. You can play in one of two ways:


-Either as the commander, playing from an overhead RTS-style game purchasing upgrades, ordering the construction of buildings, etc.




-From a FPS view as a soldier/builder following the commanders orders, gathering the necessary resources, building the appropriate structures and fighting off the enemy forces.


Weapons range from bow and arrow, axes, flame throwers and various types of guns. The graphics are fantastic and the game has a great atmosphere.


I can only imagine the fun to be had with a server full of LCVGers. Let me know if any of you are playing.

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