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Forbidden Siren

paul h

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Definitely on the radar here. I've been looking forward to a US release announcement since I first saw the game. What really piqued my interest is the fact that the director of the Silent Hill series, Keiichiro Toyama, is directly in charge of this one. Seems Sony did a little borrowing from Konami from this one ;). I also read that members of the ICO team have had thier hands in the design as well as if the director of Silent Hill wasn't enough to get the heart pumping.


The "jacking" aspect of the game looks really unique (ie looking through the eyes of your enemies just to find thier location) and the banned commercial looked downright eerie. In fact there was a trailer recently on Gamespot that provided a nice long look at the gameplay and it looks almost as terrifying (if not moreso) as Fatal Frame or Silent Hill. Definite purchase if (or should I say when?) it gets a stateside release.

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