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Game Cheats? Do you use them?


When, if Ever, do you use game cheats?  

  1. 1. When, if Ever, do you use game cheats?

    • If they are built-in or unlockable I will use them as soon as possible
    • Only if I'm desparate to advance in a game and I'm stuck
    • Only if it provides weapons, bonus items, or skills that would take too long to earn
    • After I finish a game without Cheats, I will go back and use them for fun
    • I even use an Action Replay to get cheats that are not built-in
    • Never

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The Flame Wars are raging on other forums about the cheaters that have infiltrated Rainbow Six 3. I think all of us at LCVG agree that we won't do any online cheating. But I'm curious about standalone cheating. What are your thoughts on this?

If you use cheats, post examples of when and why?



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I'd use cheats to unlock things I'd never have a chance to get, but even then it's pretty much only after I've done as I possibly can by myself.


For example, in PGR2 if I had an aciton replay I would use it to open the TVR but that would only because there's no chance that I'd be able to devote enough time to get all platinums. Since I have finished it on silver I'd say, meh close enough.

Same thing for ESPN Football. If there had been a cheat to open all the crib modes I'd have used it, because pretty much the only goals left are Time Locked and quite simply I don't have the time to put into the game to get them.


As an aside, I would never use a cheat that would alter my ability to play the game regularly again. Like if PGR2 copied over my personal profile to unlock the TVR I wouldn't use it. And ESPN those things don't affect gameplay at all so I'd have no issue cheating to get them.


oh and online I dispise it when people take advantage of glitches, don't get me started on someone that would flat out cheat with a code or something similar to give themselves an advantage.

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I'm with Mark on this one.


Just recently I used a cheat to unlock all the bonus stuff in Kung Fu Chaos (great underrated game I might add). My friends and I love the game, and we wanted to unlock all the levels and other goodies for multiplayer.


I did the same thing in Outlaw Volleyball as well. I'll never cheat online, but to unlock features and stuff, I'll do it in some games, but not all.

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I agree with Chris that Kung Fu Chaos is a very fun game, but I achieved total unlockedness on my own. After all, as Shao Ting will tell you, perfect makes practice!


My vote goes to using cheats only when I'm absolutely desperate and stuck. I will usually bang my head against something for quite a while, before acknowledging the fact that I'm stuck. Typically, it's only when I get to the point that I'm ready to put the game down for good, that I will look for the cheats.

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I'm very much an anti-cheater. In fact, if I couldn't get through the game, not even on easy, I would most likely drop it and never return. It says something about the game's balance if a reasonably skilled player can't get through it.


This doesn't happen often, though.


There is one big exception. When my XBOX died and I lost my HD saves, I used an AR (much to Scott's badgering :D ) to regain my PGR2 status. I was pretty close to getting all Golds anyway, so all I did was "cheat" to get the TVR.

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I voted for going back and using them for fun after finishing a game, but I'm only really thinking of GoldenEye. You had to do some crazy hard things to unlock cheats in that game, but they were worth it. Nothing like being invisible and stacking unlimited remote mines from the floor up to someone's bung hole and then watching the show :)

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