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X-pand Rally

Romier S

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In addition to Rallisport and Colin looks like there is another Rally Racer in development (on both PC and box). Found these screenies while looking around and well I'll let them speak for themselves:












More can be found here (source of pics):




Love the soft-lighting technique. Very reminiscent of Prince of Persia in that regard...

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Hmm, I hate to be the skeptic, but I doubt those screens are representative of the final product.


Nevertheless, the more rally games, the better!


Do we know if this is North America bound? Too many times I've looked at a beautiful rally game (WRC2 and 3) only to find out that it won't be a NA release).


EDIT: Ah, those shots could very well be from the PC version...

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Ah, those shots could very well be from the PC version...


You can bet on it. With copious use of anti-aliasing and anistropic filtering (take a look at the texture definition deep into the background). Even still the most impressive aspect of the game is its use of soft-lighting and the added realism that it gives to the surroundings.

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