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Funniest videogame ever


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I'm sure most of you people don't play videogames for their comic value, but what would you folks say is the funniest videogame ever? (intentionally or unintentionally)


My vote goes to Bangai-O for the Dreamcast. Intentionally poor Japanese translation, boss characters that literally just sit there and do nothing, enemies that talk by drawing pictures in crayon ? and of course the ability to fire 400 missiles at a time out of a giant mech piloted by two kids barely in their teens. That's my kinda game right there.


Honorable mentions:

MDK 2 - brilliant on every level

Serious Sam - gets its laughs by overwhelming you with 100 enemies to kill at the same time, most of whom are headless and running directly at you with a bomb in each hand

NARC - the original arcade game... nothing like blowing the limbs off of a bunch of drug dealers for $0.25 a pop


Any others?

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For me?


It's locked in with the Monkey Island Series. Those games just killed me. Silly slapstick humor that was incredibly well delivered.


Honorable Mention:


Sam and Max. I can't wait to see what they have them do in the next game.

Space Quest. It's been a while since I've played them, but they were all great to me. :)



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The only one that comes to mind right away was Earthworm Jim. I remember a level in the second game where you had to bounce a repeating series of puppies on a marshmallow as the bad guy continued to toss them off of a tower. If you missed one they would land with a splat and the father, who was watching from the sidelines, would chew you a new one.


Then there was the level made entirely of bacon, eggs and forks. Another that took place inside a digestive system and nonsensical quizzes at the end of it.

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Originally posted by AnthonyVolpe@Jan 31 2004, 07:04 PM

NARC - the original arcade game... nothing like blowing the limbs off of a bunch of drug dealers for $0.25 a pop

Yeah, almost every game Midway was making back then had a bent sense of humor. My friends and I used to go the arcade to play Trog and we would literally have tears in our eyes from that game. Same thing with Smash TV, Total Carnage, and the Mortal Kombat games.


I'll echo the Sam & Max and Space Quest mentions.


Those guys who made Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Armed & Dangerous are pretty funny.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Feb 1 2004, 09:33 PM

Maybe not the funniest ever, but Munch's Oddyssey really made me laugh at parts.


Great topic, Anthony!



I'm sure Tetris Worlds will be the funniest game ever if I can ever coordinate my schedule with Smitty and Jay. Just the surrealism of first playing Rainbow Six 3 and trying to coordinate a hostage rescure, then to dropping a bunch of goofy-ass bricks while those two are verbally teabagging me as I try to survive Level 9.


Then again I don't see the point in the headset during Tetris Worlds because all I'm going to hear out of it are intermittent swear words as people screw up. :lol:


Oh, almost forgot... more funny games:

Armed and Dangerous - I like my humor sick and relentless, and this fits the bill

The Sims Bustin' Out - funny in a very bizarre way... hearing people talk gibberish and juggle with word balloons over their heads is worth the price

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - any RPG where you can enter your weapon and kill what's inside it to level it up has GOT to be funny.


Sadly I've never played any SPace Quest or Sam & Max games. :cry:

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Sam and Max Hit the Road - without question (though an honorable mention to Space Quest games too)



"There once was a man named John Muir

A naturalist noble and pure!

His love for all beasties

The most and the leasties

Has never been equaled.

For sure!"



"Sam the dead animal heads are talking to me."





I'm just glad I had the foresight in my youth and shelled out big bucks (well back then it was big bucks) to the Lucasarts catalogue for the signed cover lithograph (/brag off).

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